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Adidas - Busenitz Vulc | Black / Grey
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Lakai - Griffin | Black / White
Lakai - MJ | Black Suede
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Vans - Authentic | Seneca Rock (Pop)
Vans - Authentic | Black / Rasta (Geo)
Vans - Authentic | (ASPCA) Cats
Vans - Authentic | Black / Black (Washed)
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Vans - Slip-On | Rasta (Tie Dye)
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Vans - Era 59 | Khaki Tweed (C&L)
Vans - Era 59 | Dress Blue Tweed (C&L)
Vans - Era 59 | Black Tweed (C&L)
Vans - Slip-On 59 | Pewter Tweed (C&L)
Vans - Slip-On 59 | Dress Blue Tweed (C&L)
Vans - Half Cab Pro | White / Gum
Vans - Half Cab Pro | Pewter (Lighters)
Vans - Chima Pro | White / White
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Vans - Chima Pro | Black / Mahogany
Vans - Chukka Low | Black / Grey (Chambray)
Vans - Chukka Low | Black (Chambray)
Vans Surf - Rata Vulc | Black / Gum
Lakai - Griffin | Grey / Black
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Vans - Kids Chukka Low | Black (Denim)
Emerica - The Figueroa | Black / White
Emerica - The Figueroa | Blue
Vans - Sk8-Hi Pro | Black / White
Adidas - Skate Copa | Ash Blue
Adidas - Seeley ADV Donnelly | Grey / Gum
Vans - Era | Sea Creatures (Van Doren)
Vans - Authentic | Red (Golden Coast)
Vans - Era 59 | Pine Needle (Suede/Leather)
Vans - Era 59 | Dress Blue (Aloha)
Vans - Slip-On | Dress Blue (Aloha)
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Vans - Chukka Low | Black / Gum (Flannel)
Converse - Classic Chuck Taylor | Black / Gum
Vans - Authentic | Monument (Rivets)
Vans - Lindero 2 | Black / White
Vans - Slip-On | True White (Canvas)
Vans - Sk8-Hi | Black / White
Vans - Slip-On | Black (Perf Leather)
Vans Girls - Rata Lo | Capri (Washed Canvas)
Vans Girls - Comina | Skinny Stripes
Supra - Skytop | Black / Red
Supra - Vaider | Black
Adidas - Adi Ease Pro Durrant | Black

Full length commercial for the release of the Plus
Skateshop X Nike SB dunk low pro.  Bryan Schaefer
filmed by Marcus Hamlett.

FullChris Coogan is ALWAYS killing it.  He goes 100 mph at
everything and makes everything look fun.  This is a shared
part with Creature ripper, Truman Hooker, put together by
James Truesdale for a video called "Take the 8 East".
Bravo dudes.

Bryan Schaefer has been on our radar for quite some time now.
He just had this amazing part drop on the Transworld site.
Matthew Leach put the edit together, did an amazing job.
Bryan, as usual, did an amazing job in front of the lens.
Super good.  Super rad.  Good stuff.  Click above and check it.

Here is a video recap of the trip the dudes took up to Atlanta for
the Adidas Skate Copa contest.  Filmed and put together by the
great filmer Kevin Perez.  Give it a peep!

These dudes held it down for us at the Adidas
Skate Copa contest in Atlanta.  2nd Place is quite
the accomplishment.  Congrats Chris Blake, Bryan
Schaeffer, and Chad Poore for killing it!

This Friday in Pensacola there is a video premiere.
Features many of the Pensacola loc's and a couple
of Plus teamriders also.  Go have fun!!!

The homie, Anthony DeSimone, hooked up this commercial
for the new Plus Skateshop 5 panel hats we just got in.
Features the one and only Bryan Schaefer gettin' busy.

The LeftBound Blooze tour videos are now up on
The Berrics website.  Both parts are bangin' with
great footage from Bryan Schaefer, Chad Poore,
Keith Gibb, and John Stowe.  Solid filming and
quality editing done by TJ Gaskill.  Thanks TJ,
keep up the good work over there!

Blooze X Plus coolaboration now available.
John Stowe demonstrating his brilliance in this
ad we ran in Focus Mag this month.  Pick up a board
right here.  8 and 8..25 versions available.

Eric Yagher skates more than most people sleep.
Stoked he is now a part of the Plus family
of riders.  Cheers Eric, good stuff.

Bryan Schaefer clip o the week at
Orlandos Midtown Skatepark.

We were one of the lucky shops to be asked to do a video
review of the new Mike Mo DC shoe.  Eric Yagher was
kind enough to skate and do some reviewing for us.

Bryan Schaefer 2012 full part.  Coulda been part of
a video, but, we were lazy this year and didnt make one.

Tim Thompson and Brenten Riley a.k.a. Jimmy and Teddy
Chronicles part 1 is now live on a Youtube near you.
Good workin' fellas, where the hell is that diy quarter at?

The homie Ben Kilpatrick got a guest blog over at Skateboarder
Magazines' website.  Click on over and see some of his sick shots.
Good job Ben!

Hey, who's that?  That's just the newest member of the Plus
Skateshop squad of teamriders, John Stowe, doing a little
ripping for his board sponsor Blooze Skateboards.
Plus Skateshop welcome vid coming soon.

Josiah Gatlyn and some homies stopped by the TF a couple
months ago on their way out to California.  The Beast to West
vid just came out and it has some great footage.  Peep it.

Bryan Schaefer is finally fulfilling the dream out in San Diego.
He has been there a little over 3 weeks and has already filmed
all this throwaway footage.  Some of it not so much throwaway.
Good stuff Bryan, keep up the good work.

FourStars' Four Live Crew tour video is up and
pumped full of awesomenous.  Click above!!

Chris Coogan 30 seconds of iPhone footy.  He's got
the moves down, now just needs someone with
a good camera to capture it all.

Double dose of "Let the Good Times Roll" and our dude,
Chris Coogan has joined the Zero squad on the "Bacon
and Legs" Tour.  Nollie front blunt down a rail? Noice.

A surprise visit from Jamie Thomas, Brian "Slash" Hansen,
Tom Asta, and Tony Cervantes is never a bad thing!  Here
is this weeks episode of "Let the Good Times Roll".

All new Pirkka Pollari part up on the Kingpin site to go
along with an interview he has.  Tailslide hardflip out.
Gimme a break Pirsk, ridiculous!

Chris Coogan has been in Cali for about 6 weeks now and
has already scored numerous clips.  Here is some that he
filmed with the good ol' IPhone.  Quality fun stuff.

Pirkka Pollari interview on the Entravista website.  Good
lookin' out Pirkka.  Hope you are having fun in Finland.

After battling youtube we are proud to finally bring you part 2
of Bryan Schaefers footage.  Put together by David Jackson.
Shouts go out to Nike SB, Element, Bones Wheels, and
SUPERbrand apparel.  Big things coming up for this
cat.  Glad he is on our squad.  Time to get more footy!

Here is part one of Bryan Schaefers mountain of footage.
Told him he needs to buy us an external drive
just to hold his footage.

We are fortunate enough to share a Bones ad with
one of our favorite Floridians, Evan Smith.

Bryan Schaefer takin' one for this clip of the day.
Personally, white meat is the best.

New Plus T dropping soon.  Looks just like the
one Bryan is wearing in this clip.

Eero Anttila doesn't ride for The Plus.  However, he
is super down with Pirkka and part of the Perus
Crew.  So, in a way, he is kinda like step family.
Here he is killing it, as always, as
3 6 Tests their Gangsta.

Pirkka and the Perus squad are at it again.
This time it's the Malaga tapes.  These dudes
are just outta control.  Watch this, go skate, repeat.
Pirkka starts bustin' at 9:18.

Vince Santelli is still up in the NYC shreddin.  Here
is an ill one of a back tail giving everyone the finger.

Zero X DGK tour video #3 up on the Thrasher site.
That's our wall!!  Thanks Lenny Rivas for the artwork.

Bryan Schaefer snaps.

Winkle filming the legendary Tom Penny.  Ironic
that Winkle rode nothing but Flip Tom Penny
friends decks for about 4 years.  He is probably
still riding them.

The brothers over at Blooze Skateboards just
hooked up this video to hype their first hat
offering.  Devin Abreu rides the wood.

Pirkka Pollari coming thru with a ripping 10
tricks over at Kingpin Magazine.  Cheers Pirsk!

Timmy, Coogan, and Schaefer getting their shred
on in the T.F.  Coogans backside disaster
looks bad ass as a photo.

DC contacted us about doing a review of the new Chris
Cole pro model shoe.  Who better to sign up for the gig
than new Plus employee, Zach O'Hara.  He did a nice
job with the help of filmer Phil Boyce.  The DC Cole S
shoe will be in stock soon.

The new Focus Skate Magazine has a photo incentive
 for Plus Skateshop teamrider, Bryan Schaefer, and
its a double pager.  The picture is way iller in person,
so go to the local and pick up a copy.  The whole mag
is a winner.  Again, Ben Kilpatrick killing it behind the lens.

The Skateboard Mag gave us some coverage!
All orders over $50.00 will get a copy.

This bad boy is available for sale both instore
and online.  Again, thanks to Vans and all the people
that helped make the dream of having our own
exclusive Half Cab Pro a reality.

Brenten Riley, Timmy Thompson, and Bryan
Schaefer had an April fools day session.  Mark
Furches filmed it and threw it together.  A one
day of filming success.  Good stuff mates!

Plus Skateshop is very excited to have had the chance
to work with the great people at Vans to bring you this
great shoe.  High end materials, lots of brainstorming,
and a ton of love went into making one of our dreams
of having our very own Plus Skateshop Cab come true.
  We will have the Plus Skateshop exclusive
Half Cab Pro on April 15th.

Pirkka and the rest of the Perus Crew filmed by the one
and only Thomas Winkle.  Lots of good stuff to watch
at the Global Skateboarding website.

Talk about wicked times.  Blooze crew rolled through and
made all kinds of people happy.  Well, the cops weren't too
pleased to see 100 kids playing games of s.k.a.t.e. in the
middle of the road, but, it was all in good fun.  Thanks
to Keith Gibb and all the Blooze homies for a great day!

Ben Kilpatrick has always been on point behind the lense.
He has shot countless pics for The Plus and we have always
been impressed.  He just got an interview over at the Focus
Skateboard Mag website.  Click the pic above to read.
Keep shootin' winners Ben!
Mark Furches and Thomas Rollinger have a new edition
of the Pensacola Video Magazine dropping online in
January.  Here is the teaser.  Includes parts from Plus
Teamriders Chris Coogan and Brenten Riley.

(best trick clips)
Chris Coogan won the Deep South Fall Brawl contest
in Milton.  Fellow Plus teamrider Bryan Schaefer came
thru with 2nd place.  Chris also won the best trick
contest.  Well done to both of those guys.  Let's see
how well they can do in Tampa Am next month.

Pirkka Pollari leftovers from the Element Get Busy
Living video.  This kid never sleeps.  Nice one Pirsk.
Should be time for a package to Finland?  Gotta need
some new drinkin' buddy t's by now.

Eric Yagher and the loc's put together this video a few
months ago and got it online for your viewing.  The link
is to the intro, all the parts are underneath.  Have fun
clicking.  Good job everyone involved.

Some of the Baton Rouge boys came over a while ago and
this craziness went down.  We had put the footage
up and had forgotten that we had this nice pic.
Frontside to fence pull in by the The Gold Machete,
a.k.a. Alex Nunez.

DVS contacted us ages ago about doing custom
insole on the Luster Original Intent shoe.  Plus
teamrider Andrew Colin came thru with the art
and DVS came thru with the shoe.  Pick some up.

Winkle has stayed true to the game of filming
over in Europe.  He has had a bunch of stuff
pop off on the globalskateboarding.tv.  Here
is an edit he did featuring himself, Pirkka,
and the rest of the Perus homies.

Walkway Abuse Deterrent System?
It is a good thing they warned.

Told Bryan Schaefer once this video got to half
a million views I would embarrass him by putting
it on the site.  So, here you go.  Hardflips anyone?

The Element Europe video Get Busy Living is now
live online.  Head over and check the full part by
Plus teamrider Pirkka Pollari as well as other ripping
parts from the whole euro squad.  Seems like the euro
squad is killing it harder than the regular Element team.

Finally had some time to catch up with our next teamrider
and get his online video together.  Vincent Santelli is one
of those skateboarders that is easy on the eyes, as they say.
The style, the personality, and the dedication to skateboarding
make him an all around team fave.  Keep it up Vinny!

The only teamrider that may wear a helmet on a daily
basis is Chris Coogan.  That is only because the park
he frequents has park narcs which make them mandatory.
He still looks good shredding with the bucket on his head.
He skates 100 mph at all times and kills it on both the
flat stuff and the tranny.  Check out his new team page.

Timmy Thompson has had enders in both of the Plus
Skateshop videos we have produced over the past 4
years.  That must mean something. Timmy has it all.
Great tech skills, tranny skills, huck yourself down a gap
skills, and a bachelors degree to boot.  Click above to
see his new teamrider page.

Our next addition to the team page is Pirkka Pollari.
He just landed the Kingpin Magazine cover over in
Europe and has a part in the upcoming video release
Get Busy Living by Element.  In other words, he
stays pretty busy.  Cheers Pirkka, thanks for holding
it down for us on the other side of the Atlantic.

Did not quite get the next teamrider finished this week.
So, instead, you can watch Ryan Watsons part from the
first Plus Skateshop Video (2006).  It's also on
his team page, if you havent checked that out yet.

The next teamrider to be added to the team page
is the youngest member of the whole squad,
 Bryan Schaefer.  We would have more photos
of him on the page, but, he has got an FTK interview
in the works and we cant use them until they print.

After what seems to be better than a year, we are
finally getting our team page back in order.  The
first teamrider to be added to the page is the one
who has been with us the longest, Ryan Watson.
Apologies go out to the rest of the team while
we get their pages in order.  But, now that you see
what we are finally doing with them,
send us new footy & pics!!

Stephen Williams shows mad determination
on this backside broken board flip.  5 boards
is a cheap price to pay for success.

Pirkka is busy filming for the upcoming release
of the new Element Europe video Get Busy Living.
  He has never had a problem doing either.  Click the pic.

A trip to Baton Rouge to visit Ryan Watson.
3 days turned into 4 minutes we call Ryans Rants.
Watson, Andrew Colin, and Justin Cains in that.

Brenten Riley catching a kickflip in Pensacola.

Winkle Macba montage.  Pirkka and crew putting
a hurting on old and new Macba.

Plus buddy Adam Mills put this little vid together
of Kuhn getting shred on at the Milton Park.
Nice work Kuhn. And nice work Adam!

Timmy Thompson sequence from an ad we
just did with FTK mag, minus the ad part.

The newest installment of the Pensacola Video
Magazine entitled "Florida Recreation" is
online for your viewing pleasure.

Some of the Plus Skateshop team went down
to Orlando for the Surf Expo. That kind of trip
always results in bangers. Peep vid for proof.
Homie cams are the new VX's.

The busy Pirkka Pollari pulls some
SkateDaily coverage.

Be sure to check out The Berrics
for the Younited Nations Montage.
Clips from Bryan Schaefer and Stevie
Williams up in that.

Rob Aaron bustin in Milton.

Plus Skateshop Video II is here. Get your copy!

Vintage Gulf Coast skateboarding coverage by Plus
Skateshop lifers Don Cudney and Jeff (J.D.) Dalton

Spy definition with Pirkka Pollari.

Winkle youtubin' with Pirkka and the homies.

Bryan Schaefer and homies just love the skatepark
on the local air force base.

Timmy Thompson and Chris Coogan will be skating
in Tampa Am this weekend. Good luck and have fun.

Pirkka Pollari has been on many filming
missions lately for the Element Travel Well
video. His part in the new Plus Video is
a wrap and it is super good. You will see soon.

A pink deck, amazing scenery, beautiful
weather, and Jake Phelps? Must be
Timmy and Winkle in Dubai.

Winkle Segull

Andrew Colin and Bryan Schaefer getting
their shred on at the warehouse.

Jimmy Chadwick used to be a
pretty boy.
Now he's straight gangsta.

This very special collaboration will be dropping on
October 6th. A long time in the works for this one.
Zero and Plus or Die!

Plus' own Stevie Williams has started a new project
called Mistaken Skateboards. Check 'em out.
He also keeps his website pretty up to date at
www.mistakenskateboards.com. Fun clips and
all that. Doing it right, keeping it tight!

Plus Skateshop and Kayo teamed up for these
limited edition decks and t-shirts. They will
go on sale starting tomorrow online and instore.
Very limited numbers. Get 'em while you can.

TIm Thompson ad with Deep South Clothing for
the F.T.K. mag that comes out next week.
Here is a little video that we put together from the
trip to Tampa. Timmy Thompson, Chris Coogan,
Brenten Riley, and a cameo by Jason Gallagher.
Brenten came thru with a bunch clips from the trip.
I guess he was feeling it. Fun, fun, and more fun.

Tim Thompson, Brenten Riley, and Chris Coogan
are on their way down to Tampa for the DC King
of Series. If you are in the Tampa area, check it out.

Rob has been doing much damage lately and Ben
Kilpatrick has been taking the photos.

Justin Vial and some homies came over to the
T.F. this past weekend and shredded it up. Justin
has been recovering from a crazy ass stomach illness
for a couple of years, but is back in action now.
Good to see you back on board Justin. O.G.

I have always wanted to see Bob Dylan perform
and tonight is the lucky night. So, here is Chris
Coogan shredding some park rail, a picnic table,
and a barrier. All put to some Dylan, of course.

Andrew knows ripping, and Tupac knew about
ripping off dope beats from Motown greats.

Collaborations are the new black so we are working
on a couple coming out later this year.

We love the Minutemen.
Leave the fan alone next time Nover.

Rob Aaron and prank phone calls work great together.

Pirkka Pollari demonstrates for Element in Finland.

Some of Winkles homies like to Land Bolts.
"Your move depends on where you land".

Tim Thompson did this ollie and then went into
the bar for a drink. What a perfect spot.

Bryan Schaefer has been putting in alot of work lately.

Four lines by four teamriders....Oh, and Del.

The Plus Skateshop Video Premiere went off just as planned.
We had a few hundred people turn out for the event and it
was great. Hopefully we will have the copies done by the
end of June. Here are a few pics from the night. Thanks
to all the teamriders for making the trip to Florida.
Thanks to all the people that bought tickets and
waited a little bit longer than expected to see it.
It was one hell of a good time.
Here is a slideshow of pics that Marcus took

100 Tickets go on sale May 19th at 10:00 a.m. for $5.00 each.
80 will be available at the retail store and 20 will be available
online for $5. Plus Skateshop Video Premiere
Saturday, May 23rd at 9ish.

Too busy with The Plus Video to post clips here.
Check back later after the premiere.

Ryan Watson has a full interview in the newest
issue of F.T.K. magazine. Make sure to stop
by the nearest skateshop and pick up a copy.

Chris Coogan at 60 frames per second

James McGuinness is one of the funnest people
to skate with. He can make you laugh even
if your dog just died.

Vince Santelli Barcelona and Korea clips.
The groan at the end of the Korea clip
means that Vince isnt backing it.

Click above for Stephen Williams shred sesh.

Timmy Thompson.
Check the sequence.
Photos by Ben Kilpatrick.

Zoom ditch bombin with Frecks, Andrew, and
Vinny. Vinny slides out but eventually
makes it down on skateboard skis.

Old photo time. Looks like off the bench but was
actually from the ground. It took 9 years to get this
photo from the homie Court Bell. Worth the wait.

Seems as if everytime someone in the store picks
up the old Plus Video they turn it over to see
who is in it and always exclaim
You got Stevie Williams on your team?
We always say yes, but no.

Ryan Watson schoolyard footage that does
not make his part. What a shame.

Park fun with Coogan and Brenten Riley
in HD, kinda. Its really just in Atlanta.

This picture of Ryan Watson is in the new Lowcard mag.
It is in a section called PBRs and Flatbars with photos
by Ben Moore. Buy it here.

Vince Santelli been steady bustin up in the big apple.

Attention Target shoppers, Coogan is doing
switch ollies in front of the store.

This is just great local news. Apparently you are not allowed
to drop in on the vert wall at the local Milton Skatepark.
Even though they built it for skating, the temptation of
dropping in on the wall can cost you a 30 day ban from
this wonderfully run facility! Andrew Colin
sure is lucky he got away clean.

Hey Rob Aaron, bet you wont switch boneless
180 off that rooftop. Alright, guess you will.

The beach is always a great place to soak up some
rays, check out some scenary, and skate benches
that seem like they were made for skating.
Tim Thompson demonstrates.

Pirkka Pollari with authority. This spot looks like
it should have Roman Gladiators battling in
the background.

The High Life

This weeks teamrider "going for it" award goes
to Chris Coogan. To bad the feeble has A.B.D.
by fellow Plus teamrider James McGuinness.
But damn, the nollie board would be sick. Maybe
you could win next weeks as well!

Bryan Schaefer skateboarding transitions.

Chris, let us know who took this photo so
we can give some photo credit.

Stevie Williams has been on the mission lately.
He even puts down his own soundtrack as
he is skating. Sweet boom box.

The T.F. session also had Alex Nunez
just plain going for it. Craziness.

The T.F. has been getting some teamrider lovin
lately. Timmy and Fiddy busted out some good
maneuvers here the other day. The shoes in the
background need to get the hell out of the way
for future T.F. clips. Looks cluttery.

Going thru thousands of clips gets tiring. Ryan
Watson said if this clip was in his part he would
kill us. Guess we are alive and safe.

Vince gots quick feets.

This is what one in the morning looks like when
trying to get a skate video put together.

Pirkka Pollari has been a busy guy these days.
Travel Well is an Element Europe video coming out
in the Fall of 09. See the teaser here. Pirkka also
debuted the Perus Crew video #9 recently and
Kingpin Magazine has been giving that some
attention. Nice work Pirkka.

Timmy Thompsons clip folder needs
its own external hard drive.

After we had our annual Plus Christmas bash
at McGuires Pub, Kyle Reed did a wallride on
one of the new creations at the T.F. Nice ride bro!

We just received this poster of Ryan Watson to give
away with internet orders! It's bigger and better in
person. Hang one on your wall, draw rude funny
things on it, throw darts at it. All of these things
are what we expect Ryan to do to it.

Chris Coogan did not win Tampa Am. He did
great though and we are stoked he went down
there and gave it his best. He did manage to
beat out a few headsbut missed the semi-finals.
45th is great out of 93 people in his heat and that
was just the first day of qualifiers. Here are the
full results. Congrats to Luan De Oliveira.

We now have bigger clips and bigflips.
Stevie Williams is Mr. Consistant.

Bryan Schaefer with a B roll clip!

The Plus Crew had a blast in Miami and
came out of the Clash of the Crews contest
with 9th place. Hot stuff fellas, good job.
Next stop Tampa Am Dec 5-7th.

Plus Skateshop Trailer

A friend of ours emailed this over yesterday.
It's a scan of a magazine article from Communication
Arts Magazine talking about the Nike SB website.
We are really starting to get out there now. Whoa.
Thanks David for the scan.

Ryan Watson has been skating a ton since
he hung up his packing duties here at The Plus.
Front blunt transfers are always more fun than
taping up mad packies.

Bryan Schaefer got some coverage! Not the best
photo in the world, but, we all know his back
smiths are champion. Clements and the S.P.o.T crew
are welcome anytime to shred The Plus T.F.

Chris Coogan will be one of the Ams in the
Tampa Am contest on December 4-7th.

Where is Jamie Thomas' autograph on these?
Thought might be a critical selling point
not pictured in the auction.

We were going to use this shot of Ryan Watson for
a poster to send out with all the orders. But, the
printers said it was "too low res". Guess thats
printer talk for "we cant make it big like you want it".

Lee got married to his lifelong love Cathy.
It has been 16 years in the making and is now
finally official! Thanks to all the friends and
family that were in attendance to celebrate
the most awesome day of their lives.

Plus Skateshop will be closed on Saturday,
September 20th.

Ryan Watson.

Bryan Schaefer is now getting flowed product
from the fine people at Emerica. Well deserved.

Vince skates and then just disappears. How is
NYC treating you Vince?

We used to have one big office, now it seems that
we have a new divider in the middle of the room.
Back to school season is in full effect.

We have known Chris Coogan since he was a little tyke.
Since then he has been shredding all over the Southeast
(including our T.F). Recently he dropped off some
clips for us to check out

Some Youtube action with Steve Otero from
the Infamous Roots promo video. Also clips
of the homie Fred Tan. Very nice...

Timmy got his beard back!

Hey McGuinness, you got Vinces hot pants?

Winkle took this shot of Vince while skating
in Korea. Damn, I thought Winkle was
only good with the VX.



Video Recap of our Plus Skateshop X Nike SB
dunk low pro release.  Thanks for everyone
coming out and being a part of our history.
Shot by Marcus Hamlett.

Peyton Halls Golden Ticket session at the Plus T.F.
We are doing another one in the summer.
You could win the next one!

LRG made a video of the recent Florida tour.
Felipe is a beast, Chico got that style, and Rodrigo
continues to crush.  Thanks again to all that came
down and supported LRG and Plus Skateshop.

Fourstar Demo footy.  Thanks a ton to the Fourstar
crew of rippers for coming by and putting on a really
great show.  Thanks to all the supporters that came
out and showed Fourstar and Plus Skateshop some love!
Edits for Fourstar and LRG by Eric Yaeger.

LRG demo edit.  Caught a few of the highlights
from the day.  All the LRG crew were killing it.
Thanks to everyone for coming out and showing
your support for LRG and Plus Skateshop.


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